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Our one year program offers the best education that will prepare you for a career of a lifetime! With our 1,000 hour program, our students will graduate with the knowledge and skills in Haircutting, Shaving, Styling tips, Facial treatment tips, and so much more! 

At AAction Barber and Styling College we offer multiple class options to conveniently fit your schedule. Our options provide you with 25 hours of instruction per week, allowing you to finish in a little under a year. 

  • 1,000 hours: $5,000

  • 750 hours: $4,000

  • 600 hours: $3,500

  • 500 hours: $3,000

  • 300 hours: $2,200 (Crossover)



In order to enroll into AAction Barber and Styling College, each applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum deposit of $500

  • Application fee of $25

  • Completed application

  • TDLR permit fee of $25

  • Registration fee of $100

  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • No diploma required

  • Have a driver’s license or state photo i.d.

We will contact you about admission within 5 business days of completed requirements.



Worried about how you will pay for school?


AAction Barber and Styling College offers payment options while you are in school.


Call now and ask about our interest-free payment plan.